Our work to remember the war dead is a truly global task. A century after remembrance began, that job is far from over.
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Civil war to civil engineering
King Tom War Cemetery
Crouching tiger, hidden names
Port Tewfik Memorial
UK's 'most remote' grave
Ben More Assynt
All on their own
Neidpath Cemetery
Six years of solitude
Kantara War Cemetery
Cautious return to Iraq
Basra Memorial

Did you know?

The Commonwealth War Graves Commission’s work began in 1917 in the battlefields of Europe. Since then our task has grown into a global operation, caring for the graves and memorials of the 1.7 million Commonwealth men and women killed in the World Wars. More than a century later that work continues in over 150 countries and territories.

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Not all CWGC sites are easy to visit, come explore some of our harder to reach cemeteries with the staff who work at them.